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Vista Resource Group helps you find the perfect fIT. We’re specialists in IT placement—and we get it. Our proven and proprietary techniques help streamline the hiring process which allows us to connect more candidates to great opportunities.

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It was a privilege and pleasure to work with Vista. They are highly organized and thoughtful in placing candidates. They also possess that rare ability to communicate, clearly and logically in difficult situations. The recruiter was a team player and a good partner whose contribution and advice made a big difference in my job hunting experience. I would not hesitate to work with them again if given the opportunity.

– Davis W.

I had the pleasure of working with VRG during my job search. David is not your typical recruiter; he is an all-around technology guru with many years of development, architecture, management, and executive-level experience. As techie, I felt very comfortable talking to David about many aspects of technology. With his wealth of knowledge, David was able to steer me towards the jobs that best fit my personality and skill set. I never felt pressured into interviewing for a position just because it was open. I highly recommend David and believe he will be a valuable asset at any level to an organization.

– Majid E.

I really enjoyed working with Vista Resource Group. As a developer, it’s great to work with a recruiter with a technical background who understands the industry. I would recommend working with them if you’re looking for a technical position.

– Jennifer M.