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Vista Resourcing Group

Our client has five Wordpress sites on an Ubuntu server on Apache. There are two environments: QA and Production. The current required work is:

  1. Pull back the prod to QA so they are in sync (PHP and MySQL).
  2. Push a copy of QA to Bit Bucket (I'll provide).
  3. Update WordPress and all plugins in QA and if successful then in production.
  4. Verify the CSS — I currently have an issue where the plugin that manages cache is breaking, causing the CSS to break on two of the sites until the cache is popped.
  5. Remove plugins no longer needed.
  6. Upgrade Apache to v18 (currently on v16).
  7. Advice from the expert on other best practices we should implement to get stability.
  8. Fix custom WordPress plugin.

There may be additional ancillary short-term one off things. Medium term will consolidate the 5 websites into one WordPress instance.